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Pioneer Pro Concrete Epoxy H.V. is a thermosetting type of concrete adhesive specially designed for application on damp or dry conditions, exhibit non-sagging behavior when applied on the vertical or sloping surface up to 1/8” thick films and most especially producing tough, hard, durable and infusible bond between concrete and wood, metal, masonry or asbestos once cured.

Key Features: - Heavy-duty epoxy adhesive - 100% solids content - Bonds old to new concrete - Works on damp and dry surfaces - Non-sagging on vertical applications up to 1/8 inch thick films - Non-shrinking, non-chipping and non-cracking once cured - High water and chemical resistance after curing - Sandable and Paintable

Applications: - As an Epoxy Adhesive: * Bonding old concrete to freshly poured concrete topping, thus eliminating "cold" joints between old and new concrete. * Replaces cement in bonding pre-cast, concrete structural units such as concrete decors under damp or dry conditions. * Bonding wood or metal to concrete surfaces such as anchoring machinery to a concrete floor * Anchoring and grouting concrete or ceramic floor tiles over cement, wood or steel. - As an Epoxy Mortar: * Patching spalled and damaged areas in concrete structures. * As a tack coat or primer before pouring fresh concrete topping when bringing low areas to proper grade.